Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Join up with the Lakeland Section - 10th April 2022

Ride in to the Station CafĂ© and Hub transport museum in Alston to meet the Lakeland Section with invitations also sent to the Reivers and South Durham sections to join in. Aim to get there for 11:00!

Monday, 14 February 2022

John Young is visiting us on 28th February 2022!


As we move rapidly towards the better weather and getting our mighty steeds back on the road, what better way to prepare than to come along and join in another chat with John Young?

John has visited us before and regaled us with tales of astonishing trips all over the globe and bikes he has built. This time he will be talking about Son of Sam, a famous proddy racer. I have personally already learned some new. Slippery Sam (another famous proddy racer) was based on a T150 whereas SoS is based on a T160. So there you go.

 As well as John coming to visit us, Son of Sam will also be visiting us. Peter Bates has been entrusted with getting SoS into the club room so it could well end up coming through the window.

 As ever, John will be collecting for his favourite charity via a collections bucket and we will run a raffle (with fab prizes) in support of this.

 We aim to start at 8.00 p.m. so be there in plenty of time as demand for seats is bound to be high.

 See you there

 P.S. This post has been checked by my own fair hand for accuracy and grammar. You know what that means….